Workshop: Circuit Bending with Joker Nies

Circuit-bending eller kretsbøying handler om å lage sine egne elektroniske instrumenter ved å modifisere alt fra barneleker til synther

  • Sted
  • Notam
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  • 1.og 2. april 2014
  • Kursleder
  • Joker Nies
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The aim of this workshop was to learn ways to modify various electronic instruments with the purpose of changing the sounds the factory-produced instruments and children’s toys produces. Old instruments (from the 80s) and electronic sound toys for children is perfect for this kind of modification. The idea is not new, but got widely known from the middle of the 90s, when multimedia artist Reed Ghazala, who began modifying electronics in the late 60s, coined the term “circuit-bending” in a series of articles for the magazine EMI (Experimental Musical Instruments magazine).

Joker Nies is a musician, sound engineer and technical editor of the German Keyboards magazine and lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Nies has experimented with all kinds of electronic sound sources since the early 80s, including modular analog synthesizers, self-developed electronic devices, DSP-based systems (like Kyma/Capybara) and software-based sources. This workshop was a collaboration between Notam, NMH, Tape to Zero and Dans for voksne.