Studio 3

Studio for immersive sound

  • Where
  • Notam
  • When
  • Summer of 2016
  • Acoustics
  • Bjørn A. Strand
  • Technical development
  • Thom Johansen in cooperation with all of Notam
  • Supported by
  • Rom for kunst (Arts council Norway) and Musikkutstyrsordningen.

Studio 3 is a studio for immersive sound, intended as a resource that allows for Norwegian and foreign composers, scientists and musicians to work with sound in three dimensions. The studio is set up to support most surround sound techniques, with the most common in use being Ambisonics and VBAP. The room is treated carefully for balanced sound and reverberation levels. The loudspeaker array is powered by a Sonible D:24 and consists of 24 KEF LS-50 loudspeakers mounted in a hemisphere around and above the listener, with a Genelec 7070A currently providing the lower frequency range. The speakers are placed in three height levels and surround the listening position at a distance of about 2 meters.
The studio is continuously developing, in active use since completion 2016.

Studio 3 is suited research on user interfaces, software, sound engineering, acoustics; artistic and aesthetic issues in all genres. It is used for composing, development of material for and from concerts and installations, listening and demonstrations. Through Notam’s operations in Norway and abroad Studio 3 will put knowledge and experience from sound environments around the world together with the most interesting aspects of our own work, and is a cornerstone of our continuing research and development.

Studio 3 was made possible through grants from the Norwegian Arts Council program Rom for kunst for the development of our new facility in 2011, as well as a grant from Musikkutstyrsordningen for acoustic measures. The acoustic treatment was planned by Bjørn A. Strand, while the room’s technical development and implementation is done by Thom Johansen in cooperation with all staff at Notam and associated resource persons.

Among those who has worked in Studio 3 are Stian Westerhus, John Chantler, Olivia Block, Bethan Kellough, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Natasha Barrett, Anders Vinjar, Anders Førisdal, Hilde Holsen, Anders Tveit, Bjørnar Habbestad, Jan Martin Smørdal, Karin Hellquist, Koka Nikoladze, Luca Forcucci, Julian Skar, Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad, Asbjørn Blokkum Flø, Tine Surel Lange and Trond Lossius.

Application information about the residency for Baltic and Nordic based composers and artists is found here.