Natasha Barrett NATASHA BARRETT is a British composer and performer of electroacoustic art music. Her compositional aesthetics are derived from acousmatic issues, but in addition to acousmatic composition she composes for instruments and live electronics, sound installations, multi-media works and computer music improvisation. After completing her master’s and doctoral degrees in the UK, Barrett moved to Norway in 1998 and now lives in Oslo. Her work has earned her many international awards.

Øyvind Brandtsegg ØYVIND BRANDTSEGG is a Norwegian musician, composer and software developer. He is the creator of ImproSculpt – a live composition software used by many improvization musicians for real time performance of electronic music. He is also a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where he teaches in music technology.

Nicolas Collins NICOLAS COLLINS is an American composer, professor, electronics hacker and editor-in-chief for Leonardo Music Journal. He is a pioneer in the use of microcomputers in live performance, and is well-known for his “hacker workshops” where he teaches musicians how to make use of electronic appliances for musical purposes. He is the author of Handmade Electronics: The Art of Hardware Hacking, which is an important reference work for electronic musicians and academics within the music technology field.

Christoph Cox CHRISTOPH COX, Professor of Philosophy at Hampshire College, teaches and writes on contemporary European philosophy and contemporary art and music. He has authored several books, including Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music. Cox contributes on a regular basis to Artforum, The Wire and other magazines. He is editor-at-large for Cabinet Magazine and has curated arts exhibitions at museums around North America and Europe. He is currently working on on a philosophical and historical book about sound art and experimental music.

Leigh Landy LEIGH LANDY is a composer, sonic artist and musicologist, and has written several books in the field of electroacoustic music. He is editor-in-chief of Organised Sound from Cambridge University Press, and Director of the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK.

Arnt Maasø ARNT MAASØ is an associate professor at the Department of Media and Communication, Faculty of Humanities at the University of Oslo. He has a special interest for music and media (from the phonograph and radio to the iPod, Spotify and WIMP), and sound studies in film and tv. His main general competence lays within studies of TV, film, social media, media technology, the role of mediation, and the relationship between interpersonal and mediated communication.

Randy Thom RANDY THOM is a film sound designer who started his career in radio and music recording before making the transition to film in 1975, when he was hired on Apocalypse Now! as a sound effects recordist. Since then, Thom has worked in a wide variety of creative capacities within the sound department in over seventy-five films, and he has collaborated with many of Hollywood’s most talented directors, including Francis Ford CoppolaGeorge LucasSteven SpielbergTim Burton and David Lynch. Thom has received two Academy Awards for sound, and a total of fourteen nominations.

Barry Truax BARRY TRUAX is a Canadian composer who specializes in real-time implementations of granular synthesis, often of sampled sounds, and soundscapes. He developed the first ever implementation of real-time granular synthesis in 1986, and was the first to explore a range of granular synthesis techniques in composition. The real-time technique suites or emphasizes auditory streams, which, along with soundscapes, inform his aesthetic. Truax teaches both electroacoustic music and computer music and acoustic communication at Simon Fraser University.

Gisle Tveito GISLE TVEITO is one of the most frequently used film sound designers in Norway with a track record of more than forty films, including acclaimed titles such as Reprise, A Somewhat Gentle Man, The Man Who Loved Yngve, and IZZAT. He manages the sound department of Storyline Studios, and is highly in demand as a lecturer for various cultural and educational institutions.

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