Notam’s artistic committee has considered all the submitted project proposals for our NCP guest stay in 2018 – a residency that has been created with the aim of developing artistic and theoretical practice in the field of surround sound, and operated with the support of the Nordic Culture Point.

The artists who are coming to our studios in June and August/December respectively, are Julia Giertz with the project Shrill and Christian Skjødt who will be developing his practice within his threefold genre of composition, installation and electronics.

Photo Christian Skjødt: VIBRANT DISTURBANCE III (2014)


Julia Giertz is originally from Stockholm and has a professional background as a dancer and choreographer. She has gradually developed her artistic practice to become fully sound based, in which she investigates hierarchies between the senses, where hearing and sensory sensation meet. She maps body and structural responses to vibration, music, physics and perception. Work with immersive audio which activates and resonates throughout the body has an essential place within her practice.

In Shrill will she investigates cultural codes in the gendered voice. We will arrange at least one work presentation during her residency.

Julia Giertz: Sound as Touch. Audiorama, 2016


Besides her artistic praxis, she is studying engineering at Lund university, further merging art and technology.

Her work has recently been presented at the Venice Biennale, the Norberg Festival, in Audiorama and at Charlottenborg Kunsthal. Today Giertz collaborates with Marie Topp, Lisa Nyberg, Andros Zins-Browne, Sindri Runudde and Tyler Mathew Oyer, among others.

Giertz is also working with Popkollo and “Vem Kan Bli Producent”, a program for music-producers and sound engineers identifying as non-binary or/and female.



Christian Skjødt is a composer and sound artist who works with composition and installation. His work is based on pure curiosity and fascination for the characteristics and potential of sound. He uses the aesthetics of noise and examines auditive translations of physical phenomena, such as light to sound, and works with immersive audio, handmade electronic circuits and advanced audio analyzes – including Max/MSP.

Christian Skjødt: Vibrant Disturbance IV (2016)


He wishes to further develop his relationship between installations and compositions, room and detail at Notam. We will arrange at least one work presentation during his residency.

Christian Skjødt: ÆTER (2017)


Christian Skjødt is a Danish artist who explores the material and aesthetic interrelations between sound, body and memory.

His installation works deal with the imperceptible. Often working site-specific Skjødt sets up autonomous systems out of which immersive environments emerge. He compiles installations with a laboratory approach in which technical and physical experiments play a central role. Working with sound as primary materiality Skjødts work in many ways bypasses the intellect and ‘speaks’ directly to the body, reminding us of the direct link between the body, thinking and reality.

With a serial approach his works usually consist of multiples that investigate principles that ‘investigate themselves’ and furthermore the space they are in. His work is based on the physicist’s approach of allowing objects and materials to be what they are. But at the same time Skjødt creates spaces that forces us to relate to the current place and time. His works can be seen as witnesses to what we are unable to perceive and the boundary between our sensory apparatus and the materiality of the world.

Besides his solo career he has taken part in numerous collaborations, working interdisciplinary in the fields of composition, installation, theatre, dance and performance. He is also the founder and curator of the vinyl imprint Tonometer, objectifying exploratory sounds and music.

Christian Skjødt currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, and holds a Master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark.

Next round is announced. Read more and apply for 2019.

These residencies are part of a three-year program for guest artists, which has been made possible with funding from the Nordic Culture Point. Composers and sound artists based in the Nordic and Baltic countries (except Norway) may apply. The residency focuses on multi-channel work for immersive audio, welcoming artistic, aesthetical, technical and theoretical developments. We announce two stays per year of up to 2 months. Travel and subsistence costs are covered and we offer salary depending on length of stay, NOK 10,000 per month. In addition, office space, extended access to our 24-channel surround sound studio and help from our technicians 10-17.

We are now open for applications to our residencies dedicated to work with surround sound in 2019.

Application deadline is April 1st

Composers and sound artists, both Nordic and International, who reside in the Nordic and Baltic countries (except Norway) are eligible to apply to the program which has been made possible with the support of the Nordic Culture Point.

Residence periods of 6-8 weeks are preferable, but the period can be divided into two parts. It should be completed by the end of 2019. Travel and accommodation costs are covered and fees are offered depending on the length of stay, NOK 10,000 per month. The guests are given an office space, access to Studio 3, our 24-channel studio for surround, plus other studios and equipment. Technical assistance is available Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

We offer:

  • Travel spendings to and from Oslo
  • Accomodation
  • Work grant
  • Office and technical staff
  • Access to Studio 3
  • Access to Notam’s other studios and resources

Notam’s employees are:

  • Director
  • Studio technician
  • Programmers and developers
  • Course developer
  • Electronics specialist
  • Researcher

It is important that the applications have the following setup and the points should be answered in order:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • Year of birth
  • Desired period of stay (completed by the end of 2019)
  • Title of project
  • Short summary of project (max 875 characters including spaces, about 1/4 A4 page)
  • Project description (max 3500 characters including spaces, about one A4 page)
  • Brief summary of artwork (max 1750 characters including spaces, about 1/2 A4 page)

Required attachments:

  • CV (PDF)
  • Music examples (MP3, max 4 files, max 10 MB in total)

Optional attachment:

  • Images (JPG or PNG, max 2 MB)


  • Web link, website
  • Web link, video (youtube / vimeo)


The application text is sent by e-mail to, and your attachments (CV, music samples and evt images) are collected in a folder, compressed to .zip format and uploaded via the link below. Give the zip file the name:

Upload attachments in .zip

Attachments that exceed the specified file size will not be saved.

About Notam and Studio 3
Notam is a resource center for the innovative use of technology in music and art. Since its foundation in 1992, Notam has been an important driving force for experimental and contemporary music in Norway. We have several studios for composers, project rooms for multimedia and artistic development, and a dedicated staff of audio engineers, developers and electronics specialists.

Studio 3 is a 24-channel studio for immersive audio. The speakers form a dome that covers 30 square meters in a room with high acoustic standards. Speaker configuration supports multiple formats and up to 3rd order 3D ambisonics. The studio is the only one of its kind in Norway and allows us to support artists, composers and other experts who work with immersive/surround sound. We aim to cultivate new artistic expressions in a variety of genres where this type of technology plays an increasingly important role.

We are interested in cultivating a new generation of composers and sound artists willing to experiment and push for the development of immersive audio formats and expressions. The age group 25-40 is prioritized, but we do not exclude other age groups, especially if the applicant has a merit list in the composition and / or performance of multi-channel works of high quality. Applicants should have experience in composing multichannel works. During the review of applications, emphasis is placed on both artistic and technical issues, emphasizing the value of the artistic project.

Elin T. Sørensen is a visual artist, landscape architect and doctorate student at the Faculty of Landscape and Society in Ås, and as part of her work there she has conducted a landscape study of Oslo’s harbour promenade. The study examines the coast – from coastline to underwater form. It includes two audio landscapes with graphical notation, multi-sensory/multi-voice analysis charts (see illustrations), and the audio collages below. She has made field recordings and later edited the material here at Notam, while Cato Langnes helped with mixing and mastering. The work is a work-in-process. Listen and download via these links:

o    Sound-walk#1 Oslo harbour promenade

Field recordings from Frognerkilen, Frognerstranda, Kongen Marina, Aker brygge – Western side of the harbour promenade, 12 October and 7 November 2017


o    Sound-walk#2 Oslo harbour promenade

Rådhusplassen, Vippetangen, Opera, Sørenga, Lohavn, Kongshavn – The eastern side of the harbour promenade, 9 and 11 November 2017