Iris ter Schiphorst

Composer Iris ter Schiphorst is at NOTAM for a ten-day period to finish a composistion comissioned by Integra. The work is to be premiered by the BIT20 Ensemble in Copenhagen on October 1.

Iris ter Schiphorst is based in Berlin, and has composed works within a wide range of genres, for solo musicians through to full orchestras. Her extensive years of experience as a musician (at first as a classical pianist, later as a bass player, drummer, keyboard player and sound engineer in various rock and pop bands) has had a formative influence on her attitude towards composing and her concept of music. She composes both instrumental and electronic music, a combination that made her particularly interesting as an Integra composer.

Integra is a six-year international collaborative project headed by Birmingham Conservatoire, and support by EU’s Culture 2000 program. The project has gone through two phases, and NOTAM has participated since the start in 2005. The main purpose of the Integra project is to develop a new software for composing and performing music with live electronics, and to this end, new works by five different European composers have been commissioned — including ter Schiphorst. The concerts at which the works will be premiered will take place at an Integra festival which marks the end of the European collaboration.

Ter Schiphorst is collaborating with Dag Henning Kalvøy on configurating the Integra software in such a way as to enable it to be incorporated as an instrument in the commissioned work. She is receiving additional sound technical assistance from Cato Langnes. During her stay in Norway she will also travel to Bergen in order to rehearse the performance with BIT20 Ensemble.

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