Data Touch Trumpet

In 2010–11, NOTAM and the trumpet player Arve Henriksen are collaborating on adapting sensor technology which can be used as an to create an augmented version of the trumpet.

Since 2007, NOTAM’s Hans Wilmers has specialized in sensor technology for musicians. His circuit board Bowsense utilizes various types of sensors which can measure movement in three-dimensional space, rotation and finger pressure – among other things – and transfer the data wirelessly to computer programs. Bowsense is an open system which can be adapted to different kinds of instruments. This adaptation process is done in close collaboration with various musicians. Therefore, Bowsense is a development project that will be going for several years, and involves collaborations with performers of different instrument groups.

Previously, Wilmers has collaborated with the violinist Victoria Johnson, flutist Bjørnar Habbestad, double bass player Håkon Thelin and recorder player Terri Hron.

In October 2010, a new sensor technology collaboration is starting with the trumpet player Arve Henriksen. The project will span over several months, and the goal is to integrate Bowsense with the trumpet (Data Touch Trumpet – DTT) and to develop a user interface for controlling the dataflow which is generated by the sensors. Thus, using the technology may become an augmented part of Henriksens playing technique. NOTAM will also commission a work for Henriksen which makes use of Bowsense and the new techniques.

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