Soundscape in the Arts

Symposium, April 8 -10, 2010


Norges musikkhøgskole
Sound of Mu
Norsk kulturråd
Institusjonen Fritt Ord

Thanks to everyone who participated in and contributed to the symposium, concerts and the film viewing!
Here are some pictures from the events.


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NOTAM is pleased to announce the launch of Soundscape in the Arts – an international symposium that aims to investigate current artistic practices with soundscape perspectives.

Recent years have shown a marked increase in interest in the sonic environment, and soundscape techniques for recording, composing and presenting are embedded in new cross-media practices. Soundscape listening requires a wider awareness than traditional musical listening, and a revisiting of the term soundscape might contribute to discourse and reflection within this rapid development in the arts.

The symposium is organised by NOTAM in collaboration with the Norwegian Music Academy, Riksscenen, Cinemateket and Sound of Mu, and with financial support from Arts Council Norway and Institusjonen Fritt Ord. The symposium is open and free for all who wish to attend, and is produced in conjunction with a five-day course in soundscape recording.