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Groven+Sampler is now available for both Mac OSX and Windows XP. New versions will be posted on this website when they are available. A version for professional sampler (Kontakt2) will also be distributed from these pages when it is ready.

The complete package for Groven+Sampler, with the program, user's manual and some instrument sounds, can be downloaded from the link that appears below. An additional packet with a higher quality piano sound is also available for download. If you wish to receive notification when new versions are available, please send an email to hsundt(at)notam02.no

Complete Package:
Groven+Sampler versjon b1 , for Macintosh
Groven+Sampler versjon b1.4 , for Windows

Optional piano sound:
Steinway Piano, (29Mb)

For laptops running on Windows, we recommend using an external sound card, due to the fact that the internal sound card often introduces a degree of latency in the audio playback.

The sampler will accept any instrument file formatted as a "soundfont." You can search for additional soundfonts on the Internet or create your own with the proper software. The link below contains a folder with a large collection of soundfonts. (NB: It may take a while to download depending on your Internet connection.)
FluidR3 soundfont, (141Mb)

The user's manual is included with the package above, but can also be downloaded separately here:
Groven+Sampler Manual
, for Macintosh and Windows

If you do not have an external MIDI keyboard, it is still possible to experiment with Groven+Sampler. MidiKeys is a virtual piano keyboard that allows you to play from your computer's keyboard.
, for Macintosh
Midikeyboard, for Windows

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