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Portable system for pure tuning

The idea behind the project is to make pure tuning available to a wide group of users, including musicians, choir conductors, students, and others interested in playing with pure tuning aided by Eivind Groven's system.

NOTAM has developed a software package for pure tuning based on Groven's automat, and this package is free for download from the Internet. In order to use this package, you need a modern computer, Mac or PC, and a keyboard. Sound is produced by the accompanying software synthesizer or sampler, and different instrument sounds are included in the package. The program is simple to use, so people with relatively little experience with music software can enjoy playing with pure tuned timbres.

A separate package is under development for more experienced users, allowing use of the pure tuning system with other music software.

By using a portable computer and a sound system, one can bring the system to concerts and other events and play with pure tuning.

The first version of the package was launched on November 2, 2005 for Mac OSX, and a package for Windows is now also available.

The pure tuning software has been developed by David Loberg Code, and the sampler by Dag Henning Kalvøy.

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